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Hashrate: 9.05 Gh/s
Energy consumption: 3425W
Currency: Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Phantasma (SOUL), Presearch (PRE), Syscoin (SYS), WhiteCoin (XWC)

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Miner E9
Hashrate: 2400 Mh/s
Energy consumption: 2556W
Currency: Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Aragon (ANT), Celer Network (CELR), Chromia (CHR), Dai (DAI), Enjin Coin (ENJ), The Sandbox (SAND)

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Hashrate: 110Th/s
Energy consumption: 3500W
Currency: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Emercoin (EMC), Gridcoin (GRC), Litecoin Cash (LCC), Namecoin (NMC), Peercoin (PPC)

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Hashrate: 95Th/s
Energy consumption: 3250W
Currency: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Emercoin (EMC), Gridcoin (GRC), Litecoin Cash (LCC), Namecoin (NMC), Peercoin (PPC)

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How to create your passive income in 9 steps?


Sergey Danilyuk - founder of OptSale

My name is Sergey Danilyuk and I am the founder of OptSale Mining. In 2017, my wife and I moved to China to expand our merchandise business. But more and more often I received requests for the supply of ASICs. This is what became my starting point in the world of mining...

For 5 years, we have turned from suppliers into a community and a full-fledged eco-system in which you can produce cryptocurrency, and then we will tell you how to increase it and teach you how to manage assets through a project Crypto Sale. By cooperating with us, you become a full cycle crypto investor.

OptSale Mining is...

Our main principle:We accompany the client at all stages of cooperation - from selection to equipment connection and even after. You can always consult our experts in a private chat".

FROM 2017 we served 17372 clients. A team of 50 experts advises buyers around the world around the clock and shares their mining experience to help them create a stable passive income. 80% of our employees mine themselves, so they know exactly all the features of the equipment.

Our mission is to help people create passive income, который обеспечит будущее за счет инновационных и простых решений. Мы убеждены, что пассивный доход на майнинге проще, чем кажется.


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