Bitmain Antminer D5 119 Gh/s

Consumption: 1566W
Algorithm: X11
Currency: Dash (DASH), Pinkcoin (PINK), Stakenet (XSN), TransferCoin (TX)
Hashrate, TH/s: 119 Gh/s

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Buy ASIC Bitmain Antminer D5 119Gh for mining Dash

Bitmain has developed only three ASICs for the X11 algorithm, two of which were released back in 2018, and one only recently (D7). The long lull was caused by the fact that there was no market demand for these devices, and the D3 and D5 models quite easily coped with their tasks.

Today, even with a low price for electricity, D3 have lost their profitability, but Antminer D5 continues to look very attractive, and therefore CIS buyers very often turn their eyes to it.

This inexpensive yet reliable ASIC miner boasts a hashrate of 119 GH/s – very low compared to Antminer D7, but both of these devices are clearly in different price categories, and therefore it does not even make sense to compare them in terms of performance (the cost of Antminer D5 is several orders of magnitude lower).

Working on the X11 algorithm allows the owners of the modest Antminer D5 to mine such a world-famous cryptocurrency as Dash. When using the factory settings of this ASIC, its owner can count on a yield of 3.00 USD per day, which looks very profitable (the expenditure part, with a power consumption of 1566 W - 1.50 USD per day). We obtained such data using an online calculator.

In terms of dimensions, Antminer D5 does not look like a crumb, and it cannot be said that this device is quiet during operation - the noise level emitted by it fluctuates around 74-76 db.

What is the profitability and payback of the ASIC miner Antminer D5 119 Gh / s, the conditions for the purchase, payment and delivery of this mining equipment, you have the opportunity to find out by contacting our consultants. To do this, it is enough to indicate your phone number in the contact form, and we, in turn, will contact you and advise on any questions of interest.

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