Miner E9

Bitmain Antminer E9 2400 Gh/s

Consumption: 2556W
Algorithm: Ethash
Currency: Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Aragon (ANT), Celer Network (CELR), Chromia (CHR), Dai (DAI), Enjin Coin (ENJ), The Sandbox (SAND)
Hashrate, TH/s: 2400 Mh/s


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In our online store you have the opportunity to buy a new or used Bitmain Antminer E9 asic with a hash rate of 3 Gh/s and a power consumption of 2630W for mining such a popular crypto coin as Ethereum.

Let's present you a new ASIC model from Bitmain, which has the name ASIC Antminer E9 with a power consumption of 2.5 kW and a hash rate of 3 Gh / s. This ASIC is intended to mine a rather well-known cryptocurrency called Ethereum or simply “ether”.

For reference: Ethereum at the moment, namely February 2022, ranks second in the ranking of world cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. According to some forecasts, it is in 2022 that the price of Ethereum can rapidly rise and in 2022 Ether can become the number one cryptocurrency in the world. Agree that the acquisition of the flagship ASIC of the TOP cryptocurrency is quite a rational investment. Also, in addition to Ethereum, this mining equipment can mine coins such as Callisto Network, Akroma, Pirl, Nilu, Expanse.

In this review, we will consider the profitability of mining on this device, payback rates, the cost on the official website, and what components this device consists of. As someone of the wise said, “everything is known in comparison,” well, in this article we will compare the characteristics of the ASIC Antminer E9 with other TOP ASICs and other mining equipment. We hope that this review will give the reader pleasure, and he will not remain indifferent to this product. So, without further ado, let me get started.

Bitmain Antminer E9 2400M Gh/s Review

Let's start with the fact that Antminer E9 was presented to the public in June 2021 by Bitmain. This device really made a splash in the cryptocurrency equipment market in China, Russia, and around the world as a whole. Bitmain, having produced ASIC Antminer E9, decided to bet not on the notorious Bitcoin, but on a coin called Ethereum, which had already gained its fame. The manufacturer assures us that with this epic device, the extraction of aether will be carried out simply on an astronomical scale. Let's take a look at the design of this equipment. I think you will like the rather simple and at the same time stylish and ergonomic design of the ASIC Antminer E9. Here is a simple photo of this device:


So, we see that the device for cryptocurrency mining is an aluminum case with powerful fans, which in turn are equipped with radiators for effective thermal control and air circulation of the device. The filling is a new generation of integrated circuits. It is thanks to the use of the latest special-purpose integrated circuits aimed at mining the ether that such a high hash rate is achieved, which is equal to 3Mh/s.

Also ASIC Antminer E9 is equipped with a power supply, which is also included in the price of this device. The dimensions of this device are 130 x 328 x 399 mm. The weight of the ASIC Antminer E9 is 11.2 kilograms. The Antminer E9 ASIC miner device from Bitmain has a warranty period of 2 years (specify when ordering), which, according to the author, cannot but please a potential buyer.

The developer also provides us with information about the approximate life of ASIC Antminer E9, which is 4-6 years. Although it all depends on you. If the device works in optimal conditions for it, then the actual life of the device will be much higher and can reach 10 years or more.

Технические характеристики майнера Antminer E9 2400mh/s

For simplicity and greater clarity, let's give all the main characteristics in the form of a table, and then we'll talk a little about them.

Main technical characteristics of ASIC Antminer E9:

Power consumption 1920W/h
Device hashrate 2400Mh/s
Supported Algorithms Ethash
Electrical network parameters U=200-240V; I=20A
AC frequency 47-63Hz
Operating temperature range 0-45°C
Noise level 76db

Secondary parameters and characteristics of ASIC Antminer E9:

Device weight
11.2 kg.
130 x 328 x 399mm
Voltage (internal voltage)
network connector
RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
Warranty period of operation
2 years
Maximum service life
4-6 year
energy efficiency 0.85J/M
Humidity level

What can we say and what conclusions can we draw by analyzing these indicators of Antminer E9. The device has a fairly high hashrate, with a relatively low power. We can also notice that the device is running on the Ethash algorithm. We are very pleased with the warranty period, which is equal to two years, but again, specify when ordering in order to avoid misunderstandings. We also see a rather high energy efficiency of 0.85 J/Mh. The modest dimensions and relatively low weight of this device for mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Profitability of ASIC-miner Antminer E9

So, we have sorted out what Bitmain Antminer E9 is, clearly examined its design in the photo, examined the main and secondary technical indicators of the ASIC Antminer E9 in the table and analyzed the above-mentioned data a little. This is all from a technical point of view is very remarkable, interesting and informative. But you and I live in a capitalist world and, in addition to technical characteristics, we, as potential investors, are interested in the economic component of the equipment.

Well, let's now, using the cryptocurrency mining equipment payback calculator, we will conduct a small comparative analysis between ASIC Antminer E9 and some other flagship devices. We will use the payback calculator provided by asictrade.com, for which the author in this article thanks the developers of this site for a fairly simple and easy-to-use payback calculator. Again, all profitability data, for ease of analysis, we present in the form of a table that you see below:

Model Profit, day Profit, week Profit, month
Antminer E9 108,61 $ 760,27 $ 3366,91 $
Innosilicon A11 54,06 $ 378,42 $ 1675,86 $
Antminer L7 34,69 $ 242,83 1075,39
Antminer S19 XP 20,9 $ 146,3 $ 647,9 $

Just want to say a few words about the above comparative table. Firstly, in the conditional parameters when calculating the profitability, the cost of electricity is 0.056 $ / kW (this is the cost of electricity in Ukraine at the time of writing the review). Secondly, for comparative analysis, we took equipment approximately equal in power. Namely, the power Innosilicon A11 is 2.3 kWh, Antminer L7 3.4 kWh, Antminer S19XP  3 kWh. Analyzing all of the above, we can conclude that today the Antminer E9 ASIC miner is the TOP equipment for mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which today will give you a profit equal to $ 3366.91 / month. Agree, pretty solid numbers.

As for the payback, it is difficult now to give you an exact payback period, since its price at the moment ranges from 6,000 to 11,000 US dollars. But we in you can quickly calculate by taking the average cost, which, let's say, will be equal to 9000$. Having carried out not tricky calculation according to the formula: Price / Monthly Profitability = Payback period, we have 9000/3366.91 = 2.67 months. That is, already in the second half of the third month, we will already receive real profit from the purchase of this equipment. All calculations are given with the deduction of the cost of electricity.


What is the profitability and payback of the ASIC miner Antminer E9 2400M Gh / s, the conditions for the purchase, payment and delivery of this mining equipment, you can find out by contacting our consultants. To do this, it is enough to indicate your phone number in the contact form, and we, in turn, will contact you and advise on any questions of interest.

Tabs «Yield" and "What does it get?» is dedicated to the financial performance of the device and the list of crypto coins that can be mined with it. It will also be useful to read the materials "Pools for mining".

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