Bitmain Antminer T17e 53 Th/s

Consumption: 2915W
Algorithm: SHA-256
Currency: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Emercoin (EMC), Gridcoin (GRC), Litecoin Cash (LCC), Namecoin (NMC), Peercoin (PPC)
Hashrate, TH/s: 53Th/s

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In our online store you have the opportunity to buy a new or used Bitmain Antminer T17e asic with a hash rate of 53 Th/s and a power consumption of 2915W for mining the world's most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) and its alcoins (SHA-256 algorithm).


MODEL Antminer T17e
RELEASE DATE November 2019
HUMIDITY 5 — 95 %
NUMBER OF FANS 4 things.

Description Bitmain Antminer T17e 53 Th/s

The Asic miner Antminer T17e was released in November 2019, and it became the predecessor of the more powerful hashrate, but also much more energy-consuming Antminer T17+.

The Antminer T17e has dimensions of 298x175x304 mm (aluminum case) and a weight of 9.5 kg, and in terms of appearance and design, the traditional style of devices manufactured by Bitmain is sustained.

The developers equipped this Asik with four fans, as well as two pipes that allow heat to be dissipated inside the device (it is removed due to 2 out of 4 coolers). In addition, engineers took care of installing the “chip preheating” mode on the Antminer T17e, which allows the device to start its work even at low ambient temperatures.

The Antminer T17e miner comes with an energy-efficient firmware that provides the owner with extensive fine-tuning, manual and automatic control options. The firmware has a user-friendly interface with support for ASIC Boost technology, which can reduce the power consumption of the 20%, as well as guarantee the stability of the device. The firmware algorithm monitors the hash rate and, if errors are found, restarts the ASIC to prevent hash rate degradation and overheating.

Also, this model of the miner has a secure software system to prevent malicious attacks, including providing security from virus infection.

The Antminer T17e also has negative aspects, and one of the most important of them is that it emits noise of 82 dB, which is slightly higher than usual (for most miners, the noise level is from 60 to 75 dB).

In terms of profitability, with a hashrate of 53Th/s, this Asic miner model will provide the owner with a daily profit of $11 (today it is about 330 per month) when mining BTC in a pool with 1% commission.

What is the profitability and payback of the Bitmain Antminer T17e 53 Th/s ASIC miner, the conditions for the purchase, payment and delivery of this mining equipment, you can find out by contacting our consultants. To do this, it is enough to indicate your phone number in the contact form, and we, in turn, will contact you and advise on any questions of interest.

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