Goldshell HS3 2 Th/s

Consumption: 2000W
Algorithm: handshake
Currency: Handshake (HNS)
Hashrate, TH/s: 2Th/s

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In our online store you have the opportunity to buy a new or used ASIC Goldshell HS3 2 Th  for mining the popular Handshake cryptocurrency.

Review Goldshell HS3 2000 Gh/s

The Handshake HS3 uses high-performance chips of its own design - the miner was created by engineers from Goldshell exclusively for the production of the HNS coin.

The high computing power and low power consumption of this ASIC is really impressive: the hashing speed is provided by the latest microcircuits and reaches 2000 GH / s, and the power of the device is 2000W.

Accordingly, the energy efficiency of the Goldshell HS3 ASIC miner is 1.0 W/GH.

It is also worth noting the friendly design of the device interface, which makes the mining process very simple and convenient.

ASIC Goldshell HS3

The Goldshell HS3 Miner was designed to be an extremely quiet miner that can turn your home into a quiet private farm. This advantage will definitely interest you.

Please note: HNS is an innovative currency, which means that its value cannot yet boast of stability. You must understand the associated risks before purchasing. Therefore, before making a purchase, we recommend that you consult with our specialists.

Competitors of Goldshell HS3 2 Th in the mining equipment market



Energy consumption

Goldshell HS5



Goldshell HS-BOX

235.00 Gh/s


Hummer Miner Mars H1

88.00 Gh/s


Goldshell HS3 is a powerful and highly profitable Handshake coin miner with several times higher hash rate and efficiency than any competitor on the market (with the exception of the HS5 model). It has very low maintenance, high ROI and durability.

In addition to the products presented by Goldshell in the table above, there are also such devices in the assortment of this well-known Chinese company as HS1, HS1-PLUS and HS3-SE.

Payback of Goldshell HS3 ASIC miners

It was already mentioned above that HNS coins do not have value stability, but today the profitability from mining on this device looks quite attractive - $10.15 per day with a cost of $ 1 for electricity over the same time period.

ASIC for mining Goldshell HS3


Accordingly, the payback period for HS3 will be just over 1.3 years, but these calculations were made at a not very optimal Handshake cryptocurrency exchange rate. As soon as HNS prices “go up”, then the return on investment dates will change in a positive direction.

Warranty period for Goldshell HS3 Gh/s ASICs

Goldshell provides a 180-day warranty period for all new ASIC miners. In the case of buying used devices, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to contact ASIC service centers and carry out maintenance on your encryption machine with some frequency.

What is the profitability and payback of the Goldshell HS3 2 Th / s ASIC miner, the conditions for the purchase, payment and delivery of this mining equipment, you can find out by contacting our consultants. To do this, it is enough to indicate your phone number in the contact form, and we, in turn, will contact you and advise on any questions of interest.

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