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wartime change dated April 26

In 2021, Ukrainians set a record number of home solar power plants - about 15 thousand. This is twice as much as in 2020. In general, for There are already about 45 thousand such stations in the country

As of February 24, 2022, electricity sales rates according to the feed-in tariff were:

connection in 2020-2024 – €0.163/kWh;

connection in 2025-2029 – €0.146/kWh.

But after the start of the war on February 24, 2022, the national commission, carrying out state regulation in the fields of energy and utilities (NEURC), established "green" tariffs for electricity, produced from alternative sources for the period of martial law in country.

The corresponding decision was adopted by NEURC on April 26 at a meeting in the form open hearing. Now it will be like this:

Payments under the Feed-in Tariff under martial law will be made, but the model of payment for the sale of generated electricity has changed solar power plants. The price for 1 kW sold will now be in each region and will average UAH 1.68 - 1 kW of electricity. (including taxes 1.07 UAH)

All payments at the rates specified by the SES owners in the contracts will be paid in in full after 45 days from the end of martial law in the country. But how martial law will not be known for a long time...

In this regard, you most likely had a question, how can you reasonably spend this the energy that you produce to make it more cost-effective, since now your ROI has dropped from 25-33% per annum to 5-6% per annum, depending on the initial invested funds (we will consider this later in the table)

Income dropped significantly, and the owners of solar systems began to think about how methods, you can return the income, since the period of wartime and no one knows how long it can take

1 kW of electricity = 1.07 UAH
(tax included)

Payments by regions for the Green Tariff in wartime

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