TOP 7 ways to use excess electricity, and which is the most cost-effective of them

After talking with more than 100 owners of solar stations since February 24, we have selected the 5 most popular methods where the owners began to send their electricity during the war. Since the conditions for selling to the state under the Green Tariff have changed, we talked about this here

Incubators (raise a bird)

Profit: 20-30% per year

Minuses: increased care, constant monitoring and verification, you won’t leave it for a single day, you need to find a permanent wholesale buyer

Fish production (fry)

Profit: 15-20% per year

Minuses: you need to equip the premises, care, find a permanent wholesale buyer

mushroom farms
(cooling, heating of briquettes with mushrooms)

Profit: 25-40% per year

Minuses: it is necessary to equip the premises, find a permanent wholesale buyer

Turning production
(manufacture of parts for sale)

Profit: 45-60% per year

Minuses: need a master or to learn yourself, think where to sell or find a wholesale buyer

Straightening/Painting a car

Profit: 45-60% per year

Minuses: need masters or learn it yourself, marketing search for customers

Freezing of semi-finished products

Profit: 40-50% per year

Minuses: we need employees who make semi-finished products or learn on their own, find a permanent wholesale buyer

found the best solution

Mining Cryptocurrency (ASIC miners)

The most convenient and quick payback method that suits everyone is Cryptocurrency Mining

Profit: 51-123% per year

advantage I bought an ASIC miner, installed it, it works 24/7

Minuses: ASIC miners are noisy, but this can be solved with the help of noise boxes or immersion baths, which can be made for heating the house (in this way the house will be heated from the heat of the ASICs)

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What is cryptocurrency mining? In simple terms

This is the maintenance of a cryptocurrency network (blockchain) using special equipment - ASIC, for which the miner receives a reward in the form of Cryptocurrency, which he can sell at any time