Mine bitcoins at solar stations with payback at 123% per annum

Mining + solar systems - the most profitable solution in the world

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Payments under the Green Tariff in most regions have already been suspended, more you can read more about it here

No one knows when martial law will end and the owners of solar systems are investing in different niches to redirect electricity to the most profitable source. And, as we have already discussed, the most profitable is Cryptocurrency Mining

Cambridge University

Studies published in December report that more than 75% of enterprises engaged in cryptocurrency mining or servicing blockchain systems, use renewable energy sources in order to reduce electricity costs

Facts from the world of mining on natural resources:

Company "Golden Fleece" Mining giant of Georgia

Invests in the construction of hydroelectric power plants for its production facilities. The second investment package announced the construction of solar and wind power plants

Blockstream Mining Giant Miami

Together with Tesla 06/08/2022 started construction solar power plant with a capacity of 3 800 kW with the goal of 100% security renewable energy of their cryptocurrency mining capacities

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We know what we're talking about

We have been on the mining market since 2017, we know this activity inside and out. We have sold more than 200,000 units of mining equipment and understand everything about it.

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We made a detailed calculation and have already implemented it with our clients

In video above you can find out more information about the miscalculations. You get an absolute upgrade of your solar system, which will start giving you a whole 123% payback instead of 20% per year

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And additionally, you can install Mining home and water heating

Yes, a small addition in the form of immersion bathwhere you can dip your asiki, not only completely removes their sound,but also increase their productivity by 20-40%. This, in turn, will also accelerate the payback of the equipment. And you will use immersion oil heated from the work of asics to heat the house and/or water

Thus, you save on heating your home and increase the percentage profit by 20-30% per year

Консультация +380 (93) 177 61 37